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Up Your Brow Game At Sydney’s Best Eyebrow Studios

UrbanList Aug, 2017

Lita Boutique focuses on eyebrow grooming, shaping, custom colouring and cosmetic tattooing. Also known as feathering, cosmetic tattooing involves using a micro-blade to create hair-like strokes that are filled with colour to permanently enhance the brows, making them look thicker and fuller for longer. And who said brow styling is exclusive to females? For guys who want (or need) to embrace the brow trend, Lita Boutique offers ‘manscaping’—tinting and shaping for the boys.


Best Cosmetic Tattooist – Lita Brow Boutique

Best Of Sydney, 2015

Everyone knows the eyebrows are the windows to the soul. As I’m sure many of you believe you have a soul, it’s often best to keep those windows polished. If yours are lacking, you may like to visit Lita Brow Boutique for a more… *ahem* permanent solution. Darlinghurst socialite and industry leader Lita Stathis has been shaping and tattooing the eyebrows of Sydney-siders longer than an eyelash implant, and is the proprietor of the go-to boutique for discerning vanity-junkies. No longer will your subtle facial expressions mask your true feelings about contentious conversation topics – let your face do the talking.

Get fuller brows and lashes at Lita Brow Boutique - one of Australia's leading experts at feathering, cosmetic tattooing, manscaping and eyelash extensions.

Customers Say

I travelled from Europe for this lady as I trust her completely.
— Nadia T
Can’t recommend Lita’s semi permanent cosmetic tattooing highly enough! Had my eyebrows done approx 18 months ago (combo of micro blading and powder tattoo) and have only recently had refresh done (powder only). She instills confidence in you and the process the moment you walk into the salon (pretty important in my opinion - tattoos/face!!). Her knowledge and expertise with shape and colour is second to none. As someone who loves beauty treatments and makeup this is probably by far the best thing I’ve ever done. Well worth the investment and a complete game changer for someone who pencils their brows daily! Thank you!! X
— Monica C
What an artist! Lita is so particular about ensuring my brows work best for me that I feel completely comfortable putting myself in her hands. She always tells me upfront if something I want is not the best option for my skin - love her honesty! She’s worth every penny.
— Sarah C
I had no eyebrows came to see Lita - the best ever at feathering in your eyebrows. It is so natural its amazing. The best brows ever!
I was after a sophisticated and natural brow and that is exactly what I got. After years of over plucking I walked out a new person. I’m so happy with my results Lita. You are amazing at what you do and I would recommend you to anyone who wants great results and the perfect brow to suit their face. I couldn’t be happier xx
— Mel Y
Lita is Sydney’s Brow and Lash Queen. Lashes are always on point, never ever clumpy or fake looking like a lot (most) other places. I can’t recommend Lita highly enough, she’s lovely, caring, listens to exactly what you want and most importantly has the experience to back it up.
Lita has a great eye, which is vital, as the most important part of any beauty treatment is the assessment.
Honestly the happiest I’ve ever been with my brows. She is fantastic at what she does and such a lovely person. I would 1000% recommend this place to ANYONE.
— Maria H
Best brow place in Sydney. Lita cares greatly for her clients, highly recommended. Five stars.
— katie w
There is simply no better place in Sydney to get feathering, microblading or eyelash extensions, and no one nicer or more caring to take care of you than Lita. She is absolutely the eyebrow and eyelash guru.
— Zoe B
I get my brows done every 4 weeks with Lita and it is the highlight of my grooming routine.
When brows are this good and the service is so much fun I really couldn’t imagine not maintaining my look.
— Jane D