Note for all eyebrow tattoo services:

You are required to arrive "pre-numbed" with Emla cream (available from any pharmacy). Apply 1hr prior to appointment so we can begin your treatment immediately on arrival :) Please contact the salon for new info regarding new regulations surrounding anaesthetics. Please take care to follow our Pre and Post Tattoo Care (listed below) as we want the best result for your healed cosmetic tattoo.

Download the OTC Numbing Gel order form

Pre-Care for Tattoo

Limit blood thinners, coffee or alcohol for the week leading up to your tattoo. Limit sun exposure to face. No exercise on the day of tattoo before or after. No facial peels or skin treatments, Botox or Injectables 14 days before or after tattoo. If you are on medication or topical vitamins please disclose - call us 0412600018 before you book. 

POST-care for Tattoo

No water, no sun, no swimming or gym, no excessive sweating or exercise for a week post tattoo. No chemicals, topical vitamins or makeup over the top of tattoo. Makeup can be worn but not over the fresh tattoo for a week. Nothing on the brows except for the aftercare balm given for a week post tattoo. Dry healing for oilier skins unless advised otherwise. We discuss aftercare at length in the tattoo session so please make sure you understand our instructions before you leave your appointment.




  • All Beauty and Cosmetic Tattoo treatments from Jan 2018 will incur 30% deposit paid at booking via the system.

  • All online bookings, phone bookings or salon bookings are required to pay a deposit to secure the appointment.

  • If a client cancels after the 48hr cancellation time frame the deposit acts as a cancellation fee (non-refundable). If you wish to reschedule an appointment, you may, so long as it is before the 48hr rule. If you, for any reason, cancel after the 48hrs you forfeit the deposit as a cancellation fee. If you confirm and don’t show to any appointment you’ll be required to pay for that appointment in full when booking again. Please understand this is necessary as we are a small business and can’t accommodate no shows or late cancels.

  • All clients who agree to pay a booking fee for any CT service in exchange for an Initial or 1st session appointment understand that the deposit is a booking fee and is strictly non-transferable or refundable.

  • Perfection visits or second sessions are complimentary and included in the agreed cost unless stated when booking and have to be taken within 4-8 weeks. (Refresh and Touch Up sessions are for maintenance & are one session only. Please note you may need a second session to perfect the work, incurring a fee)

  • If you cancel or no-show or are unable to attend your perfection visit within this time you will forfeit your session. Up to 48hrs prior to appointment is needed to reschedule.

  • If you require to rebook again for the follow-up a booking fee and session fee will be charged POA. If you require a third or more sessions for additional work, changes in style (change your mind) or require more work due to poor healing or compromised aftercare an additional fee will be incurred. This is a skin penetration treatment and each individual’s skin is a unique living organ, therefore unpredictable in healing. We do our utmost to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We require your understand and co-operation during the treatment and pre & post care so that an optimum result is reached and maintained.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any client due to lateness, poor conduct or behaviour.

  • Unfortunately, due to a very small percentage of clientele, these policies are necessary.

  • Strictly no refunds or store credits.