For the best natural eyebrow shaping in Darlinghurst, Paddington and Surry Hills call Lita today or book online right now! Eyebrow shaping Sydney.
I was after a sophisticated and natural brow and that is exactly what I got. After years of over plucking I walked out a new person. I’m so happy with my results, Lita. You are amazing at what you do and I would recommend you to anyone who wants great results and the perfect brow to suit their face. I couldn’t be happier! xx
— Mel Y

Eyebrow shaping & grooming

Lita knows eyebrows better than anyone else. Regardless of what your natural shape, thickness or colour may be, she devotes the attention and detail required to expertly groom your brows to your exact requirements.

To Lita, eyebrows are an extremely important part of how someone looks and feels and she knows that they require care and a finely tuned eye to ensure that you always get amazing results from your shape. Lita’s not happy if her clients aren’t satisfied and is well-known for not letting clients leave until their eyebrows are absolutely perfect. This may require customised colour techniques to correct eyebrows that are uneven or have been over-plucked so ensure that the results are always perfect.

Brow Rehab

Often clients come to Lita to fix their eyebrows after having visited other salons or trying to pluck them themselves and she has become an expert in rescuing eyebrows that have been damaged or improperly shaped.

If you are looking for perfectly balance and shaped eyebrows, Lita is your specialist and her boutique in Darlinghurst, Sydney is the place to go. Lita also offers eyebrow and eyelash tinting to complement her eyebrow shaping work. 

If you require a more permanent change, Lita excels in cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows and eye lines, so this is always a great option available, as well.