*All full price tattoo services include a perfection visit 4-7 weeks later.

Consultation  -  100 (Please note: consultation cost is deducted from first booking fee if you proceed.) 

Feather Touch Brow Tattoo  - 

Lita - 1200 Senior artist - 990

Powder, Ombré or Mist Brow Tattoo  - 

Lita - 1200 Senior artist - 990

Combination Brows (Feathering/Powder)  - 

Lita - 1400 Senior artist- 1100

Lash Enhancement / Invisible Liner tattoo  -  770
Eyeliner tattoo classic  -  880
Eyeliner tattoo winged or thick  -  1200
Top & Bottom Eyeliner  -  1100
Eyeliner Lower Only  -  330
Lip Tint Tattoo  -  1200

Refresh Tattoo Brows & Lips (6 -12 months)  -  550
Refresh Tattoo Brows & Lips (12-16 months)  -  750
Touch Up Tattoo (extra work 2-6 months)  390 - 550
** If you require a small touchup after your Refresh Treatment we offer a set price of $220 (only if booked within 4-7 weeks of Refresh Treatment)

*** If you have not returned for a Refresh treatment within 16 months you will be required to book in for a New Tattoo and the applicable service cost will apply. To avoid disappointment please book your tattoo in annually!


Brow Shape incl tint (new client) Lita  -  95 Senior artist - 85
Brow Shape incl tint (returning) Lita  -  80 Senior artist - 75
Brow Shape Men  -  65
Brow Tint/Lighten  -  35

Henna Brows *NEW!*

Henna Brow shape and colour - 100 Henna colour only - 50


Lash Tint  -  35

Lash Lift & Tint  -  140

Classic or Volume Lash Extensions

Volume & Hybrid 250 - 350

Classic set - 230 Half set - 150

Infills for existing clients only 130 - 220

Removal - 40


Lip  -  10
Lip & Chin  -  25
Lip & Nostril  - 25

Saline Tattoo Removal

Non-laser tattoo removal. Several sessions required for best results. Treatments scheduled at least 6 weeks apart. Please call the salon to discuss this service prior to booking online.

*Please note: reapplication of tattoo no sooner than 6 months from last removal session.

First session - 250

Subsequent sessions - 200


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We dive in deep and give you the breakdown in our blog.


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After years and years of trying to find the perfect artist I was highly recommended to Lita as she is well recognized in the fashion world in Sydney. And Lita performed miracles! After working in NYC and London as a model and having my eyebrows bleached in and out of shoots - I came to Lita. I can’t compare!
— Victoria
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