Manscaping: eyebrow grooming and tattooing for the men

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If eyes are the window to the soul, don’t skimp on their curtains.

Brows are clever little rascals. They channel moisture (sweat, rain, beer?) away from the eyes, to keep your vision clear. They are great purveyors of emotion (anger, humour, sadness, perplexity and come hither). However, they also seem to have a mind of their own and left unchecked, their special brand of chaos can be the cause of great mirth among your mates.

Manscaping yourself is a hairy thought.

Everyone’s face is unique and so are their eyebrows. Some brows begin too soon or end too fast (no comment). The best thing to do is think of eyebrows as brothers, not twins. So unless you are Liam Gallagher, maybe give the monobrow a miss?

Don't mow your own lawn.

You're a guy and you want fuller brows. You're a guy and you want less unkept brows. You're a guy with brow issues, full stop. If you're a guy in Sydney who is having brow issues, where do you go? You come to us!

At Lita Brow Boutique we take care of all eyebrows, regardless of the gender identity of who they are growing (or not growing properly) on the outside of.

So if you're a guy who wants fuller eyebrows, or less eyebrows, or neater eyebrows, then we can help and will make you feel comfortable while we do it.

Don't be shy.

Come on in!